About The Kinks

I started this blog because of two lies I was told after I went natural.

1. “Your hair will be unmanagable.”
2. “You can't style that kind of hair.”

I found out much later that the reasoning behind these statements rested completely on the fact that most women with kinky curly or coily hair were using the wrong methods to style their hair. My image of a woman combing her coily hair used to include grease, a rat-tail comb, hot combs, or brute force. You, see this is how my mother used to manage my hair, before I begged her to perm it. Back then, my hair used to break off in tufts. Do I blame my mother? Absolutey not! This is how her mother, my grandmother, managed her hair. The only people we can blame for the current lack of information on curly/coily hair management have been dead for centuries. My point? Most of what you have been taught is misinformation that has been handed down for generations. It is now up to us to educate ourselves, our friends and our children how to properly manage curly/coily hair.

Maybe you are reading this because you plan to go natural in the near future. Maybe someone told you that managing your hair is impossible, and you've been wondering if that person was right. Whatever your reason for reading this is, remember this:
1. Your hair is 100% style-able.
2. Your hair can be styled MORE than one hundred ways.
3. Your hair does not have to be straight to be manageable.

I have nothing against perming or changing the look of one's hair, I just believe that we women (or men) have a right to explore and know our options when it comes to styling our hair. The natural option, though more excepted nowadays, is still being overlooked. It is even harder for women with coarser textures like 4a/b/c to find resources to properly style their hair. The cycle needs to end. There are more ways to style natural hair of any texture than braiding and twisting. We need to educate ourselves and each other so that women can decide how to wear their hair. I look forward to day when women can wear their hair anyway they'd like to and not be judged. Maybe then we can focus on more important things, like world peace.