Take the Challenge!

The  Challenge is simply this:
1. To find 100 or more ways to style your own hair.
2. Find at least 20 ten- minute hairstyles, for those fast paced days.
3. Use accessories, tools and any known styling methods that you have to create stylish hair.
4. Learn how to properly care for your hair.
5. Embrace your natural texture, even if everyone around you doesn't. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and God loves you the way you are.
6. Let other Naturalistas know about the challenge by displaying this button:

Why did I start this challenge?

When I first did the big chop, the only ways I could find to style my hair were twist outs, coil outs, and so on. While I still love those hairstyles, I began getting frustrated because there were days when I didn't have a couple of hours to spend styling my hair. I was tired of going to church with the same (Tedious) hairstyle, week after week. I was also concerned that when I returned to school, that the time spent styling my hair would cut into study time. So I sat down one day and began to list every possible hairstyle I could think of and I came up with more than 100. I listed the tedious ones for special occasions, I listed the 5-ten minute ones for school, I even came up with variations for most of the styles. I've realized lately, that there may be other naturalistas who've felt the same way as I did. I've even come across a natural brotha who tried to talk me into perming my hair because "It won't grow" and "It don't look good". So rather than focusing on hair products, I chose to focus this blog on hairstyling because I would like my fellow naturalistas to know that there are even more convenient ways to style natural hair. Don't Limit yourself! There are more than 100 ways to style your hair. Lets discover them together.
Yours truly,
Faith Li