Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Kinks Shrink: the monologue

I have one problem. My problem is this:

Women who have a 4a/b/c texture don't exist.

Yeah I said that!

It seems that somewhere or sometime during the natural haircare revolution, us ladies of category four have been forgotten. The ladies with a minimal curl pattern. The ones that can't use the curly puddings or do the wet sets. The ones who step in the shower with six inch hair and step out with  a corporate fro. The ones who began the natural haircare movement.

Look: I have nothing against curly puddings, hair categories, or even perms. In fact, the curly girl movement taught me a lot about my hair type and structure. But, while coils and kinks are similar, they are not the same! So, despite all the hair styling information available for natural divas, most of the time, it doesn't even apply to me.

And so I have reached a conclusion:
Ladies with 4a/b/c hair don't exist.


We do! I do! So don't count me out just yet!!

I've decided to share all my hair styling ideas and they are compatible with ALL hair types. Ladies of the fourth category. Look no more!!

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